Choosing a Coach
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Personal Connection
When an organization or individual decides to engage an Executive Coach, they invest a significant amount of time and resources. To ensure that the time spent is productive and brings about the desired change you need to be certain that there is personality congruency and communication parity.
Measurable Results
To achieve significant results, it is critical that you work closely with your coach, to define the goals of the engagement. With this grounding, it is possible to work with current challenges, projects, or issues centered in a business context. This level of personalization is required to make the experience relevant and bring about lasting change.
Unique Approach
Often times Executive Coaches may have breadth in many different types of engagements (e.g. leadership development, 360 feedback, career/life, etc.), but lack depth in any one area.

Additionally, some practices have a rigid methodology that prescribes a singular approach without consideration for the individual and the specific objectives of the engagement.

The Success Architecture works by:

  • ILLUMINATING your strengths
  • Increasing your capacity to EXECUTE
  • Maintaining a FOCUSED perspective

"A key task for every senior executive is the development of the next generation of leaders..."

~ Robert M. Fulmer

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