What Others are Saying...
Right from the start my coach developed a strong alliance by ensuring I understood we came as equals and the power came from the coaching relationship. I set the agenda for each call, which ensured I got maximum value from our discussions. My coach had a unique talent for putting people at ease and invited discovery that enabled me to get to the right answer for me. On several occasions he challenged me to step outside my comfort zone reinforcing that my current career trajectory was right on the mark. The key to our success was tying everything we worked on to measurable results.
Shelley W. CFO for Weiser Inc., an Accounting and Tax Preparation Firm
When I was asked to be the CEO of a small tech company I knew it would be a challenge. There were many instances when I faced challenging situations and needed a sounding board when considering my options. Working with Todd at Assured Leadership weekly helped me to feel more confident in short term and strategic planning. In the end with his counsel I made decisions with a view to the future versus being reactive.
Trent C.

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