Our Approach
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Our coaching experience is defined by a systems-based view. This ensures that we do not adopt too narrow of a focus on the individual, but rather consider the implication of the broader organizational ecosystem.
Gather the Facts
Measure Success
Build the Relationship
  • Conduct Initial Interviews
  • Define Engagement Goals
  • Determine Approach
  • Analyze Feedback & Baseline
  • Coaching Discovery Session
  • Execute the Plan
  • Perform Coaching Health Checks
  • Revise Measures
  • Refine Leadership Scorecard
  • Transition

  • Confirm Engagement Goals
  • Define Success Metrics
  • Review Change Strategies
  • Ongoing Coaching Sessions

We utilize a methodology-based approach that is targeted to the specific individual or organizational needs. Our approach utilizes performance based feedback enabling measurable results based on a personal development plan. This approach has been effective with leaders at anat level within an organization, regardless of experience.

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