Self Assessment
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In our experience it is not that an individual or team is not coachable, rather it is a question of timing. A great deal of time and energy is required of the Coachee and it is important to assess obligations in your personal and work life to ensure you can get the most out of the engagement.
Are You Ready for an Executive Coach?
Take the self-assessment below and score your results.

  1. Can you set aside a consistent time on your calendar each week to meet with your coach?
  2. Are you willing to be engaged, ask questions, and be open to new approaches?
  3. Are you willing to change, even though it might be painful, in your quest to become a better leader?
  4. Are you committed to taking action to reach your goals?
  5. Can you adopt a student mentality with a willingness to learn?
  6. Can you accept constructive feedback from your peers, supervisors, and those you manage?
  7. Are you prepared to work hard, putting in extra hours outside of work?
  8. Do you have Executive support to work with a coach?
  9. Do you have specific goals and or projects you want to focus on?
  10. Do you think you will benefit from working with a coach?
Interpreting Your Results
For each question you answered 'yes' to give yourself 10 points. For each question you answered 'no' to give yourself 0 points. Add up your score and compare to the range below to determine if you are ready to consider enlisting the help of a coach.

90 - 100 Highly Coachable
80 - 89
70 - 79
Coachable with Reservations
70 - Below
Now might not be the best time

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