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We provide one-on-one coaching for Executives, Senior Managers, and other high-potential leaders within the organization. This consists of face-to-face meetings where the objectives of the engagement are detailed and tied to specific bottom line results. Our approach is to coach within the context of real world situations and challenges; this approach results in lasting change. These engagements typically last 6 months to 1 year with complimentary phone consultation as needed.

In addition to a methodology-based approach we also adopt a systems perspective. This takes into account not only the leader but also the greater organizational ecosystem, and beyond the borders of the organization.
Regardless of the scope of the coaching effort we are committed to observing that each coaching session is:
  • Results focused
  • A partnership between the coach and leader
  • Engagement of the leader is essential
  • Link behaviors to bottom line results
Services are billed as an hourly rate plus any additional expenses.
Have you found yourself recently promoted and are asking where do I start?
Have you been assigned a new project with complex team dynamics that is not meeting expectations?
Are you well established in your role but achieving the same levels of effectiveness before?

We contract with individuals to provide one-on-one coaching for personal and leadership development as well as interpersonal skills. The length of the engagement is variable based on the individual needs, but usually about 3 months in duration. Services are billed as a package rate plus any additional expenses.

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